Friday, January 3, 2014

A big clue in the case of the Zodiac Killer, from a comic book of all places?

At my forum, one of my long time Members, and site Moderator, 'TAHOE27', may have found a big clue related to Zodiac's Halloween card that he mailed to reporter Paul Avery in October, 1970. The Halloween card was a standard Hallowen card of the time, with a few 'additions' created by Zodiac to scare Avery. Zodiac wrote "you are doomed" (in the hole within the tree). He also included an odd symbol, and on the back of the card, a message that mentioned the various ways he could presumably kill people, By Knife, By Rope, By Fire, By Gun.

Over the years, many people have tried to explain the meaning of the card, the symbol, etc, but it was all open to speculation. First of all, the Zodiac had placed several eyes on the card. A day or two before Zodiac mailed this card, a female was found murdered in the Presidio Heights neighborhood of San Francisco. Her eyelids had been sadistically sliced off. I personally think that Zodiac included the eyelids on the card, and mailed it card immediately after the body was found, so that police would think he had killed her, afterall, it was the same neighborhood in which Zodiac had killed cab Driver Paul Stine, the October before. It was not long before the Police identified the female victim as a prostitute,and her Pimp was found to be responsible for her murder, NOT the Zodiac. Although the eyelids may have been easy enough to explain away, the other clues on the Halloween card, were still of interest.

Regarding the odd symbol, that resembled a combined Z&F, with 4 dots sorrounding the center, Author Robert Graysmith, in his book, ZODIAC UNMASKED, noted that the sybmol was a close match to the cattle brand symbol used by Fred Harmon, a Rancher from Pagosa Springs, Co. (Top right of the photo below)

Fred Harmon was associated with a comic book based on his western experiences. In December, 2013, TAHOE27 discovered that there was possibly yet another connection between Fred Harmon & Zodiac. In one comic,there is a 'wheel of doom'. The DOOM part is interesting of course because of Zodiac using that word in his threat to Avery. But even more striking, is what the wheel of doom looked like in the comic book. It closely matched Zodiac's clues involving knife,rope,gun,fire.
In 44 years, nobody before Tahoe27, had found a clue like this regarding the Halloween card. This proved that Zodiac used a clue that closely matched Harmon's cattle brand symbol in the Halloween card, and in addition, had used the 'wheel of doom' comic, as inspiration for his card as well. The question is, why did Zodiac reference the comic book, and cattle symbol? Was he somehow connected to Fred Harmom or his ranch? Was it a clue of some sort? When Zodiac attacked at Lake Berryessa in 1969, he mentioned to surviving witness, Bryan Hartnell, that he had escaped from a prison,after killing a guard. Although it has long been believed by many people that the prison referenced by Zodiac was Deer Lodge Prison, in MT, other sources have mentioned that the prison was actually in Colorado. If so, was it close to Fred Harmon's ranch? Did Zodiac have ties to that area?

The connection regarding the symbol, and comic book between Zodiac & Fred Harmon, raises more questions than answers, but one thing is hard to deny, there IS a clue there someplace.


  1. It's interesting because although very similar to the branding symbol, Zodiac's symbol is a little different. Assuming this was his inspiration, why would he add the dots?

    1. The dots are the 4 murder sites.

  2. Has anyone compared the comic to the killings? What I mean is, are any of the comics that were around at the time the same as how the Zodiac killed his victims?
    Or there was a secret message in the threat he gave Avery.


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    Just some of the stuff I thought might be of interest. Since he was using cyphers in his letters. Who is to say he was not using multiple secrets in his letters?

  3. I should have made it more clear. The 4 dots around the symbol tells you that there are 4 murder locations that he was responsible for, and these dots are not suppose to line up with the locations on the map. The symbol itself connects all the locations on the map in mirror image.

  4. Zodiac wore gloves and had a dark blue hood at Lake Berryessa?,3801832