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Check out my Zodiac Killer discussion on the 45th Parallel Podcast

Check out my Zodiac Killer discussion on the 45th Parallel Podcast. I was happy to be a Guest on the show recently.

Unsolved Cases involving anonymous letters

 I have not been paying as much attention to my blog as I should be, but with Summer ending, maybe I can find more time to devote to it.I always am interested in unsolved murders, or missing Persons cases that involved anonymous letters. The Zodiac Killer mailed letters to the Press, and possibly to police, and in researching this habit, I realized, it's a very rare thing. Most criminals do not send letters and clues to the Police, press,etc. Most of the time, they do not want to be caught, and give nothing up at all. Here's a link to some really interesting unsolved cases involving unsolved mysteries that contained anonymous letters-

Tuesday, May 12, 2015 Article about Zodiac Suspect, Ross Sullivan has been doing regular articles about the Zodiac Killer. The latest article features Ross Sullivan, who is my personal favorite Suspect for reasons seen here:

Here's the Ratter article:

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A little Mystery I solved, well partially

I have always kept open the possibility that Zodiac may have moved from the SF Bay area after 1974, so I started looking for cases after that in other parts of the country. I looked primarily for cases in which anonymous letters were received, as I felt that Zodiac, while he may no longer call himself that, might demonstrate the same behavior of writing letters, taunting police, etc.

I actually did not find many cases in which this letter writing happened, and it proved how uncommon it was. I found a few which I have spent time researching including the 1975 Lindy Sue Biechler murder in Lancaster PA, and the 1987 murder of Penn State Student, Dana Bailey. I still continue to research these cases, and have a Zodiac interest in doing so.

However, I found 3 more cases, seemingly unrelated to each other, and in different parts of the country, yet, there was an unmistakable connection between the three. Taunting letters, from somebody claiming to be the killer of missing girls, or claiming to know where their Bodies were.  These 3 cases were from New Hampshire, PA, and Florida. In all 3 cases, young women or girls went missing. In each case, letters were mailed from the same small area in New Hampshire containing similar details, or clues.  There simply was no way that these letters, all mailed from the same small area in NH were not related, especially since they contained very similar clues and details. The question is, were they part of a harmless and cruel prank, or did the writer really have any connection to any of these cases? I contacted police in all 3 cases, and they came to the conclusion that I was indeed correct, and the letters in these 3 cases were likely the work of the same writer, but felt, that they were part of a cruel prank. They may be right, but it was a fascinating connection I think. One of the cases was solved, two remain unsolved. More info-

3 missing girls linked to a single letter writer in NH. Is it part of a cruel hoax? Are there clues to be gained? No matter what the motive, the letter writer’s Identity needs to be determined:
It has become increasingly clear to me that  in the state of New Hampshire, a single source is responsible for mailing anonymous letters in multiple cases of missing girls, in various States
.  Somehow, this COMMON LINK, has escaped detection of law enforcement. These girls are missing in various  parts of the country, and from different years. All of the letters  (that I have found so far) usually tell the police to dig near  bodies of water ,or to  check in the water for the remains, in all these cases, there is NO sign found of the victims. Sometimes , the letter writer claims to be the killer. Also of importance, the letters are sent to Police, Or Members  of  the victims families. The letters seem to all have  been sent from2000-2003. Some are typed, some are handwritten.  We are dealing with a sick twisted person who gets a kick out of dashing  families hopes,  and draining police resources, wasting man hours and money. He is either a liar or a mass serial killer! PLEASE NOTE THE OBVIOUS CONNECTIONS  CONTAINED HERE, THIS IS NO COINCIDENCE! Perhaps the various police agencies can compare notes, letters, handwriting, clues, etc, and come up with a suspect. Here’s the list-

[b]Deborah Ann Quimby [/b]disappeared May 3, 1977 from Townsend,MA.
“In November 2002, police received the first of 2 anonymous letters. The letter prompted police to do a search of Walker Pond near where Quimby was last seen in May of 1977. After a well-publicized sonar scan of the pond proved inconclusive on May 3, 2003, another letter arrived a year to the day  after, in November 2003. This one stated "Take a closer look". The second search yielded some articles of clothing and an old bike, but it is not known yet if these items are connected to Quimby.” “Marshall revealed yesterday that a pair of anonymous and "somewhat specific" letters, sent exactly one year apart, inspired police to search the pond.”
The letters were postmarked in  MANCHESTER,NH & WORCESTER,NH
If you have any information concerning Quimby's whereabouts, please contact: 
Townsend Police Department 
Missing Persons Unit 
All information may be submitted on an anonymous basis. 

NCIC Number: M-195533564 
Please refer to this number when contacting any agency with information regarding this case. 

Source Information: 
The National Center For Missing and Exploited Children 
NorthWest Herald
The Doe Network: Case File 274DFMA

[b]COLLEEN EMILY ORSBORN[/b]- Missing from Daytona Beach, FL. March 19, 1984([b]UPDATE: THIS CASE HAS BEEN SOLVED[/b])
“Colleen Emily Orsborn vanishes on March 15,1984 in DAYTONA BEACH, Florida . No sign is found of her,and the case goes cold. Then in Feb of 2001, an anonymous letter is mailed to Colleen's brother, from somebody claiming to be her killer. 
"Orsborn's brother received an unsigned, handwritten letter filled with misspellings and postmarked February 21 in Manchester, New Hampshire." 
The anonymous writer in this letter goes onto say that they could find her body buried along the Tomaka River off Route 415 in Daytona” The lead is  a dead-end

Case Type: Non Family Abduction
DOB: Mar 3, 1969
Sex: Female
Missing Date: Mar 19, 1984
Race: White
Age Now: 37
Height: 5'2" (157 cm)
Weight: 95 lbs (43 kg)
Missing State : FL
Hair Color: Blonde
Missing Country: United States
Eye Color: Hazel

Case Number: NCMC603387
If you have any information concerning Orsborn's case, please contact: 
Daytona Beach Police Department 
All information may be submitted on an anonymous basis. 

Agency Case Number: 

NCMEC #: NCMC603387 

NCIC Number: 
Please refer to this number when contacting any agency with information on this case.

[b]Alicia Bernice Markovich[/b] -Alicia Bernice Markovich, vanishes from Blairsville, PA on 4/26/87, No sign is found of her. Then, in Oct. 2000,13 years after she vanishes, her father gets an anonymous letter from somebody claiming to be her killer. The writer tells police that they should dig in a spot along the Conemaugh river outside of Blairsville. They dug ,and found nothing. There is a Bedford NH, return address on the letter. Police drive 10 hours to NH to question the person who's name & address is on the return envelope. The person  at the address knows nothing about the case, and has never heard of Blairsville PA. Police rule them out as a suspect, and decide the letter a hoax.
(My personal feeling is that the letter writer may be a relative or neighbor of the person who lived at this address where the police were sent to. I think they would get a kick out of seeing the police there, or would hear about it after the fact from the startled unsuspecting person that lived at that address)
Case Type: Endangered Missing  
DOB: Feb 20, 1972 Sex: Female
Missing Date: Apr 26, 1987 Race: White
Age Now: 37 Height:  5'2" (157 cm)
Missing City: BLAIRSVILLE Weight:  120 lbs (54 kg)
Missing State :  PA Hair Color: Brown
Missing Country: United States Eye Color: Blue
Case Number: NCMC601810